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Austin Statesman

Austin American Statesman

“The square might include a deli, banquet and tea room, clothing store, home design service center, building supply store, beer and wine garden, and real estate center. He said other uses might include a salon and barber shop, pharmacy and jewelry retailer. Eventually, the couple would like to add a spot for live music”. Read more…


Community Impact

Revival is a gallery that sells a little bit of everything, from local handmade gifts, trinkets and jewelry to authentic pieces of furniture, ornate doors and elaborate handmade chandeliers from Holland. Some of the products are new. Others are re purposed from older materials. Revival also provides services such as upholstery, custom carpentry, welding and do-it-yourself painting classes.

The dream includes markets, live events, entertainment, food, drinks, festivals and more on nearly 2 1/2 acres of land. Read More…


Austin Post

“We decided to create a nostalgic city square, a perfectly choreographed experience for a destination shopper to buy their fresh veggies, clothes, a house,” said David Camp, “to give them the quintessential fishbowl of consumer experiences in one place, like in generations past.” Read More…


ReWork Project

Revival has blessed ReWork Project with a booth in a great location. Over the past couple weeks, ReWorkers have been working hard to turn out products and we have dozens of pieces of art, jewelry, furniture and all kinds of other cool things. Read more…


ReSerections, Inc.

The Middletown church will become the centerpiece of Revival’s new shopping square in Bee Cave, Texas. View the church being dismantled…

 Culture Map

Austin Culture Map

A simple-yet-inviting rustic storefront houses a design-focused furniture shop that sells eclectic, reconfigured pieces. Delete all notions of country kitsch. Revival, as the retail space is known, is about turning the old into something new. Read More…




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Stone-by-stone, we dismantled this 1906 church and relocated it to our location in Bee Cave, Texas! Keep up with the progress of this fascinating and historical project.
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