Tara & David Camp, Revival, TX

 Meet David Camp!

After 12 years and nine moves in the real estate development industry, David (that’s me) landed in Austin in August of 2008, looking for the ideal place to raise his three beautiful daughters; Olivia, Summer and Anabelle. Originally from Florida, our moves allowed for some awesome experiences living in amazing places like Hawaii and Grand Cayman, however we have no greater love than for our home, Austin!

The story of Revival

My addiction to vintage finds and all things home design got real expensive, and so I started thinking that maybe it was time to make my mark and in September 2010 “wha’la” Revival was born opening Nov 27th 2010, just 7 weeks later! The primary focus for the store is fairly simple … in a sort of complex way, “I Love Cool Stuff,” New or Old it doesn’t really matter, I just love stuff that is quality and we can enjoy in our homes!

Still to come

The store has been such a great blessing to my family and we are very excited to serve the community and be a bright spot that all of you can be proud of! We have some pretty ambitious plans for the 2.5 acres we inhabit, and trust me it is going to be good! It all starts with you!





















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