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    Overview of School

    The college of Materials Science and Engineering was originally founded in 1993 as the materials department, renamed as the  college of Materials Science and Engineering in 2002.  The college's first undergraduate enrollment started in 1980, and now there are 4 undergraduate majors containing in the college: inorganic non-metallic materials engineering, polymer materials and engineering, materials chemistry and functional materials, master of Science in materials science and engineering and the master of materials engineering. At the same time, the college recruit civil engineering disciplines that under the direction of Civil Engineering Materials postgraduates and doctoral students, with the materials of civil engineering postdoctoral research station.

    College has "material science" provincial focus subject, the Ministry of construction focus subject, the provincial superiority characteristics of subject and provincial cultivation subject; The college built the Ministry of construction key laboratories, provincial key laboratories, provincial key laboratory and provincial experiment Teaching demonstration center; with the national characteristic professional construction points, and national integrated reform pilot professional, and Ministry of Education Excellence engineers education training plans professional, and Liaoning province first undergraduate advantage features professional, and Liaoning province model professional and Liaoning province integrated reform pilot professional;The college has one level fine course,two Liaoning province fine courses, one Liaoning province university students outside practice education base,and one Liaoning Province graduate student joint training base.

     There are 56 teaching and research staff in the discipline, including 36 professors and associate professors. It concludes 1 member of the Committee of the State Education Department of inorganic non-metallic materials, 1 provincial master teacher, 1 provincial distinguished professor. 1 specially appointed professors, 2 teachers are honored with hundred level and 1 honored with ten thousand level in Talents Project. 2 provincial youth backbone teachers in Liaoning Province and College Excellent young teachers. It also concludes 1 national teaching team, and 1 university innovation team of Liaoning Province .

    In recent yearscollege undertakes more than 70 projects on provincial and ministerial level, including national ‘863 program’, the ‘973 program’,the NSFC projects,National Science and Technology Support Programme Project, provincal projects of Natural science fund, key task project in scientific and technological research of  Ministry of construction. The research get more than 30 provincial and ministerial level awards ,including the  first prize of Liaoning Technical Invention Award,the second prize of Liaoning Technical Invention Award and the second prize of Liaoning provincial science and Technology Progress Award.

    We have established close cooperation with large enterprises, such as China West Construction Group , Yatai Group, Taifeng Special Concrete Co. Ltd, Liaoning   Heng Qin Technology Co.Ltd, Shunfeng Group and so on, in technology and  industry-university-research. The college provides a strong support for the development of the industry and local economy. We have delivered a large number of outstanding graduates for the country and enjoy a high reputation in the domestic construction industry.

    Leading group

    President: Xu Changwei

    Presided over the overall administrative work of the college and was responsible for discipline development and construction, personnel, finance, international exchanges and cooperation.


    Party secretary: Li Min

    Presided over the comprehensive work of the college party committee and was responsible for party construction, propaganda, United front, comprehensive management, network information, and trade union work


    Deputy party secretary:Wang Fugang

    Responsible for student ideological and political education and management, employment, alumni work.


    Vice president: Gu Yaxin

    Responsible for postgraduate teaching, scientific research, cooperation in production, study and research, transformation of achievements, construction of scientific research platforms, and alliance construction, and assist the Dean in charge of discipline development and construction.


    Vice president: Dai Min

    Responsible for undergraduate teaching, professional and curriculum construction, laboratory construction and management, teaching reform and teaching research, college student innovation and entrepreneurship plan, asset management work.